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Cover of What Should I Do with My Life?
Somewhere, everyday, someone is asking that infamous question, "What will I do with my life?"

It's been 10 years since I read, Po Bronson's book, What Should I Do With My Life?  It was one of less than a handful of books I have ever read twice. Po's book is a compilation of stories of people who answered that question in sometimes extraordinary ways, choosing to go after what was meaningful to them rather than what may have been expected, accepted, lucrative or even wise. Not all the stories ended happily but it was a revealing expose' of the way we view life at different stages and why we all must respond to that question at some point or another.

I have read many books since then; some about life's purpose, some just for pleasure, some more profound, some that made me laugh out loud. No doubt in your search for your fire, you will read and research countless pieces of information. If you are looking to extend your network beyond your comfort zone or at least beyond your immediate self, I recommend looking at the book, THE CALL...PERFECT DREAM, IMPERFECT LIFE, by Lynne Watts.

Lynne writes about her own journey of discovery following some very unplanned detours which made her realize how much of life is basically out of control and yet very able to be molded into a dream. In sharing her own experiences, she guides the reader on a perfect path to take an idea, a plan, a goal or a dream and step by step focus on the aspects of how to develop a plan to make your goal happen, your dream a clearer reality and your idea something more tangible than just a thought. 

She shares how she "did it" (becoming an accomplished author) despite having a full time job, raising a family and dealing with significant personal experiences which may have easily had someone else yelling, "uncle" and giving up. Lynne's book is a bit like having someone walk hand and hand with you to help you overcome your excuses and create a method to help you gain perspective and answer the "CALL" you were meant to respond to with a gift you have been given.

Are you wondering what you are really called to do? Maybe you think you know what you should be doing but have no idea how to get from where you are to where you want to be. Are you ignoring your call because you are worried about what might be on the other end? 
Most definitely we all get the call and all need to respond at some point.

Maybe you want nothing more than to find your bliss at the other end of the rainbow yet you can't even determine where your rainbow is. Maybe you already know what you want but have no real idea how to start to achieve your dreams with any consistency or maybe you are wondering how to recover a dream or a purpose from a less than perfect life. Regardless, spend some time reading, 
THE CALLYou will laugh, cry and most definitely be headed in a more successful direction for where you want to go, answering the questions in each chapter and mapping out your perfect dream regardless of where you are today.

Is your life calling? How will you answer the ultimate question?

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  1. I got a copy from Lynne just the other day and I can't wait to read it! It is definitely next on my book list.
    Thanks for this great review on her behalf. I will share on Facebook.
    Blessings, Kathy!

    1. You'll love the book! Thanks for sharing, Martha.

  2. Sometimes, after reading about a book, I wish that I was more of a 'reader'. Unfortunately though, I don't tend to sit still long enough to read much. I always seem to have myself involved in something :)