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Humans often assume the role models they must look to when looking for success are all two legged creatures, but I think we often overlook how amazingly resilient, resourceful and aware our 4 legged friends can be. They must depend on taking advantage of whatever circumstance exists to survive and that's not a bad skill for an entrepreneur. So if you are thinking about how to get through the barriers to reach the goals you have set, take some lessons from man's best friend.

LOOK FOR OPPORTUNITIES (even in strange places)
Bucket-headed dog
Bucket-headed dog (Photo credit: Paul Kidd)

Have you ever watched a dog who is hungry look in every conceivable place for any morsel to satisfy that craving? They can sniff out something that might be good and will continue to work at attaining it. It may not be a gourmet food but they are resourceful when they crave something.

Dogs approach something new with some caution and care. They may spend time sniffing out whether or not it is a wise choice to pursue. Sometimes they simply watch for awhile before they engage. They often circle around it and take in the view from many angles.

Русский: Собака
Русский: Собака (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Few dogs will decide that chasing what they instinctively know they enjoy is not worth the chase. Try keeping a bird dog from going after a feathered friend, a bloodhound from the scent or even the 57 varieties dog from the squirrel. They chase what matters because they can...Great lesson for anyone who has an instinct about what they want to do.

White dogs on hind legs
White dogs on hind legs (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Have you ever watched what happens when one dog begins to bark? Within moments several join in. Every dog is unique but there are times when they must show loyalty to the pack. No entrepreneur can stand alone. Develop relationships with like-minded peers. Support your pack and they will support you in return when it's your turn to bark!

Dog sunny Day Afternoon
Dog sunny Day Afternoon (Photo credit: allert)

A dog may play until it is exhausted but it also knows how and when to rest and doesn't need anyone else to indicate it is time to take a nap. They can play hard because they rest well. They are better at the chase when they take a break and refresh. They know there will be another chase and they will need to be ready.

So if you have a lot of ideas and can't wait to get started...Look at man's 4 legged best friend for a bit of wisdom you may have never thought about. Dogs have been foragers, adventurers, companions, lovers of play,self care advocates and filled with unconditional love for the people who matter since the world began.THEY MUST BE DOING SOMETHING RIGHT!!

What have you learned from a resourceful animal?
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  1. There are a couple things I think my family has picked up on rather well, from our four legged friends. Playing hard and napping (especially the napping) we call it Nap'30 here.

    Saw your post in the blogplicity facebook group, and decided to stop by. Glad I did!

    Have a great week!

    1. Debbie,
      So glad you stopped by. Welcome!!. Yes, a family with a pet can truly learn a great deal from watching its behavior. Mine instructs me daily!
      Hope you will returned. Checking out scatteredmusings !
      Thanks again for the comment

  2. I love this! How funny--I recently wrote about my dog, too, and what I have learned from her about unconditional love. Years ago, I also learned a lot about being a good parent from watching a mama dog I had take care of her puppies. I called it the puppy theory of child rearing! Great post!

    PS--I'm the new kid on the block on Blogplicity. Nice to meet you.

    1. Great to meet you as well Galen. Thanks for your wonderful comments. Looking forward to seeing more of you on Blogplicity. Thanks for connecting on Facebook as well.
      Dogs and many animals are such wonderful teachers.The unconditional love bit is something truly amazing.

  3. Great lessons. My two dogs happen to be of the happiest most fulfilled people I know, so I guess I ought to learn their secrets:)

    1. Yes, they are people only with fur. Thanks for stopping by Carol. Appreciate it.

  4. Oh, what an original and inspiring reflection, Kathy! I never looked at it quite this way.
    Yes, we can learn much from our animal friends. I especially have always appreciated the unconditional love of the dog which so sweetly emulates God's unconditional love for us.
    Thanks for this thoughtful and motivating post!

    1. Your kind comments made my day. I really wonder if I could ever be as forgiving or unconditional as my dog. God did know what he was doing when he created those creatures. Thanks for stopping by.

  5. Dogs, cats, animals in general don't have a box to think inside of. they just do what is necessary for life. Some people think animals can't laugh....I will never believe that, I have been adopted by to many cats to even consider that.They taught me to laugh at myself. I also stopped in from Blogpicity, great post...

  6. Thanks, Jan. I appreciate you stopping by. I agree animals have far deeper feelings than we might imagine. Loved that the cats have enjoyed adopting you.