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Ask and You Shall Perceive

Man thinking on a train journey.
Man thinking on a train journey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
I received some good feedback whenever I asked questions in the previous post about waffling in making decisions and what you think is necessary to ask when you have an idea you are passionate about. Feedback came from comments on the blog as well as individuals who emailed me. Many had thoughts about it being important to make sure your ideas were in line with what you ethically and morally believe. Several responded you needed to question whether your house was in order for you to proceed. Some thought it important to ask what you really wanted to accomplish and what your ultimate goal was. One person even responded it was important to ask if you even wanted to move forward with your original idea.

I thought they were all wonderful responses but I promised I would share 3 important questions to ask when thinking about whether to move forward with an entrepreneurial venture, an idea or a dream. First I think you should ask:

1. If Not Now...When?
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Only you can determine whether this is the best personal time for you to move on and develop your plan or if you need to wait until you become more comfortable with some aspect of your decision. But remember fear is also waffling so if you are not moving on because of fear of failure or fear of the unknown that is really just delaying a decision in becoming more familiar with all the variables. Do your homework and then determine if you are better waiting or not waiting. Remember my Starbucks story, an opportunity lost because I let others convince me later was better?

 2. If Not Here...Where? 
Sometimes our circumstances are better in a different situation,another location, career opportunity,less stressful environment, removed from negative people and toxic behavior. This may mean you have to consider emotionally, physically and/or mentally removing yourself from the place that hampers your ability to make careful decisions and follow through. If you are constantly in a state of physical depletion, mental turmoil or emotional upheaval you will never be content with making decisions that could impact the rest of your life. If the place you are in now doesn't offer growth maybe it's time to relocate to a different mental, emotional or physical state before you can move on with your plans.

3. If Not Me...Who?
The Mirror
The Mirror (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There is nothing worse than knowing something should be done about an issue, circumstance or concern and yet wondering who is going to do it. You can easily sit back and hope someone will come along and fix something that bothers your heart and soul or you can recognize that perhaps the reason you are so affected is because YOU are the person who is to "do something about it." Sometimes waiting for the right person is futile if you are the right person. The decision to move on with something  important to you is often best resolved whenever you realize you do care and you can begin to attack the issue from your own point of view. Waiting for the next person to step up to bat could cost you a home run opportunity. 

Waffling is dangerous when you let it go on and infest your life constantly causing you to remain in the same circumstance because you can't make the decisions you need for ending some things and beginning others. Asking yourself some important questions and NOT waffling about what you realize after you discover the answers is always a good decision.

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What are you asking yourself about and did you discover if not now, here or who?  
 Do take a look at Happiness is a Journey below for some uplifting thoughts about decisions

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  1. These are all-important and so-relevant questions to ask when making right decisions and moving forward. I had to get out of #2 (work) before I could realize my dream of writing full time.
    Thanks for the advice and inspiration, Kathy!

    1. Thanks for your comment Martha. I think anyone who has a dream or passion to realize has to contend with one of these questions at some point or another to get some clarity.
      I have been there as well.

  2. Those are very important points and all so adapted to my life!! I need a change, I need to move away :(

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Nikky,
      Moving in any direction physically, mentally or emotionally can be difficult but realizing it is an answer to a question you have to ask is the first step. I hope you find the energy and spirit to make those decisions and find your change.
      Keep me posted on your journey.