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One of the first questions people often ask me is how they can uncover their passion. That's an easy answer, but often people miss what really gets them fired up because they don't realize passion often exists in the things that come so easily and naturally. We have a tendency to miss our passion because it flows so effortlessly in the things we enjoy the most.
But if you are looking for what will help you claim your flame. 
 Here are 25 places to search for your passion:

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1. What do people seek your advice about?
2. What types of hobbies do you really enjoy?
3. What would you do whether you got paid for doing it or not?
4. What do people say you are really good at doing?
5. What can you re-invent, re-purpose, remodel or repair?
6. What do you think you have a knack for doing?
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7. Are you known for a signature dish?
8.What do you often daydream about doing?
9.Who holds your dream job? 
10. What can you teach or have you taught others to do?

11. What issues are you relentless about advocating?

12. If money were no object how would you spend your time?
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13. What types of volunteer work do you enjoy?
14. What are you always wanting to learn more about?
15. What skills come easily to you?
16. What causes are you passionate about?
17. What did you always want to be when you were younger?
!8. What did or would you put on your bucket list?
19. What do you love to collect?
20. What activities make you feel very contented?

21. What would people say is your claim to fame?
22. What types of physical activity do you really enjoy even if you are just a spectator?
23. What places do you always visit?
24. What do you roll up your sleeves and do when it needs done?
25. What do you spend your "free" time doing?

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While there is no need to take a passion and make it a career, some people have developed booming businesses from a single recipe, photographs taken at a family event, a few verses on a note, a shoulder for someone in need, a concern that moved their heart or a piece of furniture they restored to look new. 

Whatever your answer to the questions, I hope it helps you find the match that sparks your interest and lights your fire.

Everyone has a passion for something.   Were you able to discover yours?
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  1. Great questions! I'm very lucky that I have almost always spent my time doing what I love, both professionally and personally. I've found, though, that there are some things I do seem to be good at but don't particularly enjoy. That seems odd to me, but I finally realized it's okay to say no to requests for help in that area. Great post!

    1. I totally get the being good at some things you don't particularly enjoy as well. I guess we are truly blessed when we are good at things we are passionate about as well as those we aren't but still have to address.
      Thanks for stopping by.

  2. I love all these questions, but it would be too long to respond to all.
    1. What do people seek your advice about?
    Life in general, help in many different situations, find solution for conflicts
    4. What do people say you are really good at doing? Listening, understanding
    8.What do you often daydream about doing?meeting my online friends

    1. Nikky,
      Glad you stopped by and responded. Hope you will consider responding to all sometime just for yourself when you get the chance.
      Thanks so much for the feedback.
      Passion Rocks!