Monday, June 18, 2012


This past week has been exasperating. My internet provider decided a nnetwork outage would be interesting and since a week ago, I have had spotty internet of a few minutes over each day at best. It's certainly not the end of the world, but as I sit at a local venue with aaccessible WI-FI knowing a new provider is showing up later today to give me back my online options, I realize that clitches, unexpected "accidents" and unforeseen events can never be truly eliminated and we need to have a plan for when we have to jump our hurdles.

For many people, the hurdle is like mine, a little inconvenience that puts more frustration into your day. While not tragic, it does present some obstacles that require a different strategy. In my case, I began to wonder what the world did when no internet was present but then neither were blogs, on-line products, email and video chat.

We get used to a certain type of experience and then expect  to continue uninterrupted. For many, their lives and dreams have been interrupted by a life changing event, divorce, job loss, loss of a loved one or any number of other events that disrupt the status quo and place an interesting unplanned hurdle maybe just before the finish line.

Life is always going to set up hurdles on our path, but some of our hurdles are caused by our own lack of discipline or effort in learning how to jump them. Maybe we fail to get enough information before moving forward with our plans or maybe we continue to promise ourselves we will "get started" tomorrow and when tomorrow arrives, we promise we will get started the next day. Sometimes our hurdles are due to not wanting to bite the bullet and do what it takes to get where we want to be or what we want to have. Nothing says "It's my fault" like failing to develop the skills or connections, and taking the necessary steps to arrive at your expected result. It's unlikely someone who wants to start a business or make a career change will find it achieved by wishful thinking. Failing to learn the ropes, understand what it takes to be successful in a specific area and make connections to succeed is like taking poison instead of medicine when you want to get better.

Several weeks ago, I promised myself I would buy a smart phone. Had I bought one then, I would have discovered it was less frustrating to be without internet service and less inconvenient than seeking hot spots. Yesterday, I stopped wishing for a track without obstacles and bought the phone and switched my internet provider. Hesitating to do something that made sense meant I wasn't prepared and suffered the consequences.

No, we can't control every obstacle in our path, but we should be controlling those we elect to put there by inaction, indecision, inattention or indifference.

Women's 100 m hurdles at the Atlanta Olympic Games
Women's 100 m hurdles at the Atlanta Olympic Games (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

How about you? What are the hurdles in your run? Which ones can you address by deliberately making some choices which clear the field for a better shot at the finish line?

It's your race. What's stopping your victory?

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  1. Usually, I am the hurdle to overcome. I get in my own way - I am an emotional writer and can get stuck in a moment. The good news is I know this about myself and recognize it quickly. As for loss of internet, in my house, it's brutal when this happens as we're heavy internet consumers.

    1. Brenda,
      Now worries. I am sure we are all our own hurdle at times. It is great that you know this because I usually discover it too late!
      Back on the internet hard wired but still can't connect my router for wireless...the joys of technology!

  2. I have a lot of thoughts about hurdles. Sometimes you are right... we could have avoided them by being more proactive. Sometimes hurdles are lessons we need to learn... the hard way. Sometimes the lesson has more to do with waiting than learning. I often am impatient for things to just happen rather than waiting for things to unfold in God's own time. When I look back, I am always amazed a the progress but in the moment, I am frustrated. I try very hard in every difficult situation to ask, "Where is the opportunity in this?" Great post Kathy!

  3. Lynne,
    Thanks for dropping by. Yes, you are so right. Sometimes the hurdle is deliberately meant to be a learning opportunity.I hate those types of hurdles because I cannot choose to eliminate them in a way I want to however I agree, they can be the ones we learn the most from.