Tuesday, November 27, 2012

All I Want For Christmas

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We've had Black Friday, Cyber Monday and there will be a lot more days of wild saving and spending before we get to Christmas. People may have already begun asking you what you would like. This year, think smart. Think about what really might make a difference in getting your dreams off the ground.

Maybe you'd like a few subscriptions to some magazinees you know could help you better budget your money, reach your goals or keep you in the loop about business and career development.

If you are thinking about changing careers, maybe a few sessions with career coach would make a great gift.

Maybe you are almost ready to have a website and might like several domain names or even a few hours of web designer time purchased by someone who really wants to get you something you truly need.

Let's face it, sometimes the best sales are after Christmas and you can get the boots you must have or the sweater you will only wear one season then. Don't ask for the things you can easily get yourself, request something you have been telling yourself you really wish you could afford. I don't mean tickets to that concert you could see on video one hour after it ends, but maybe a chance to go to one or two of those great conferences you have always wanted to attend. Instead of a membership to the book of the month or a wine club, why not suggest your loved ones contribute towards membership dues in a professional  organization where you can network and meet the right people and learn the ropes to help you go after your dreams?

Maybe you need to think about requesting payment for a few classes that will sharpen your skills or give you a better idea of how to get your dream off the ground. Go for upgrading your resume instead of your wardrobe. You can't buy tomorrow's dreams with yesterday's know how.

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Most people really want to purchase a gift that is meaningful and will be well used. Think outside of the box this year when someone asks what you would like and while we are on the subject, here are two wonderful ideas for Christmas for yourself or to purchase for a friend who needs that little push to get started:

From now until December 24, for every paperback copy of FINDING YOUR FIRE sold, 20% will go to helping victims of domestic trafficking be rehabilitated and take a rightful place back into society. Purchase your copy of FINDING YOUR FIRE and help yourself or someone who needs to discover what their passion really is and help another at the same time. Promise yourself you will be one of the trailblazers sharing their story someday.

Buy your ticket now for the CALLED WOMAN CONFERENCE in March while there is still a substantial discount. Buy one for yourself and your friend, mom, sister, niece, cousin or daughter. This year's theme is Let's Do Launch and if you or anyone you know is ready to really get their passion off the ground, spend a day learning all the nuts and bolts you need to get an idea, business or product off the ground. Hear amazing people share how they did it and fire up your resolution not to waste another year wondering what might have been had you only got your idea started.

Don't be shy...Make this the Christmas you stopped getting items that really didn't get you anywhere and instead ask for what you truly need to help you get your passion from a dream to a reality.

What do you really need for Christmas to get you closer to making your passion, happen?

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  1. These are wonderful, positive suggestions for Christmas gifts, Kathy! What I need for Christmas needs to happen before Christmas - my book finally published and available! Ran into some snags, so it's later coming out than I hoped, but I'm praying it's God's will to make it that last minute stocking stuffer or present under the tree.
    And, I love what you are offering with your book - what a worthy and timely cause!
    Blessings to you!

    1. Martha, I truly hope your Christmas wish does come true (and before Christmas). Publishing always seems to hit snags no matter what. It sounds like a wonderful stocking stuffer.
      Glad you liked the suggestions. Yes, I'm so excited to be able to offer something to Wellspring. I hope to continue it in many ways throughout the year.
      Thanks so much for always dropping in to offer your support and kind words.

  2. You would love my son James who not only has written his letter for Santa with a very specific list of things he wants, but he has also already written a thank you letter to Santa thanking him for everything. Nothing like positive thinking assuming he will get everything he wants!

    1. Galen,
      I just love someone with that attitude. Believe it will happen so much already be grateful for it coming about. You raised him right! Thanks for stopping by and sharing.