Monday, February 4, 2013

How You Can Use Your Words To Save A Life

No one wants to hear the facts. It's the kind of information you want to just close your eyes to and pray will disappear. Few want to share the stories and hear the tragic endings for so many victims, but I want to tell them, because it is just as much of a crime to know and do nothing about it.

I will be posting regularly on this blog information about Human Trafficking. When I first heard about it maybe some 8 or 9 years ago, I thought it might have been blown way out of proportion particularly about the trafficking that is taking place in the United States on a regular basis. I was so very wrong. Information can't be shared too often. This is a heinous crime going on under many people's noses.

Children, sometimes as young as 12, taken from malls, schools, sometimes oblivious to what their future will hold, sometimes responding to an offer for a better chance, clueless to what is really going to happen.

Just a few days ago, there was a major raid in Georgia and another in Florida involving teachers who assisted in abducting children for trafficking purposes. Teachers!

You can be blind by choice but that will not make this disgusting crime disappear. The only way to resolve this problem is to be part of something bigger that is addressing it and making a difference.

That's way I am on the Exodus Road blogging team, because this organization is on the ground providing surveillance teams and rescue operations for victims of human trafficking through its coalition with numerous operatives whose purpose is to bring those involved in this crime to trial and rescue the victims whose lives have been hijacked by these monsters.

What can you do? Volunteer to help. Get your friends, family, organization to help purchase a camera for surveillance missions, read everything you can to educate yourself about the facts, laws and where you can get involved locally in your community to make a difference...then share what you know with everyone you can.

Because no neighborhood, no community, no one is safe from this crime. You might think it does not occur in your backyard, but the statistics say you are so wrong and that is just the tip of the shocking truth.

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  1. Keep fighting the good fight, Kathy, and keep us all informed.
    Blessings to you!

  2. I intend to, Martha. I am honored to be part of the team.