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The front of a used Mark Six ticket
The front of a used Mark Six ticket (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
A few colleagues of mine take turns purchasing a lottery ticket weekly. Yes, just one ticket. We figure if we are meant to win, one ticket will do it. We have a lot of fun speculating on what we will do with our milions but last week I received a text that read;

"Unfortunately we have now won the lottery"

I didn't get the "unfortunately" but you can be sure the other colleagues and myself hurriedly texted back to get the details on our windfall. Then we got the text from the one who bought the ticket,"Darn auto-text, it was suppossed to read "not" instead of "now" and with that, we went from planning our retirements on our private islands to planning our schedules for the next work week.

No, we weren't really expecting to win millions (only hoping) but here was a case where ONE letter made a huge difference.

Surely you have experienced the same in your life...maybe not with ONE letter, but maybe ONE decision, ONE reaction, ONE thing you tolerated or another ONE you did not. Maybe there was ONE circumstance that changed everything, ONE activity that confirmed something, ONE event that made all the difference.

Sometimes that's all it takes; just ONE thing and everything changes; sometimes for the good and sometimes it's a downward spiral.

Just like we believed if we were meant to win, ONE ticket would do it, ONE letter changed the outcome. And maybe it IS that ONE thing that redirects our life, our relationships, our careers, our hopes and dreams.

We can work hard and plan and do all the right things to make our plans happen but in the long run I believe we are still at the mercy of the ONE who holds our destiny in His hands. Sometimes the ONE thing that changes everything is meant to change our direction, refocus our energy and rewire our ideas. Sometimes it's meant to simply make us pay attention.

I believe ONE thing can make a huge difference when it occurs unexpectedly, unprovoked and unannounced.

Have you had your ONE thing that changed everything? What happened then?

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