Monday, November 18, 2013

Is Your NOW Really Your NO?

It's amazing to be so inspired and encouraged to find your fire and begin growing your passion but it's just as important to recognize whether it's to be NOW or NO for getting that dream off the ground.

Here are a couple of things to consider when thinking it might be NOW.

1. You have more time available to pursue your passion because of changes in your current career or life circumstances.
2. You have put a "little something" away to get you through the tough times which you anticipate as you begin to start something on your own.
3. You can't stop thinking about things you need to complete to make your passion happen; you make "to-do" lists and go over every detail to make sure you have everything ready to launch your new idea.
4. You are renewed and fulfilled whenever you are working at your passion.
5.Your friends, family and significant loves ones are encouraging and supportive.

But here are some other red flags that might mean what you thought was your "NOW" is actually your "NO".

1. You are frustrated by your career situation and believe you should quit your job to do "something","anything" else.
2. You are anxious about what starting your passion might cost you in terms of time, energy and financial resources.
3. You need to give yourself a constant pep talk that you can make things work out well.
4. You are uncomfortable talking about what you are passionate about to your friends and family and feel isolated and unsure of their support.
5. You are confused about what you really want to do but know you need to change some things.

Developing  a career around your passion can be daunting but if you are truly excited and not extremely stressed about where your resources will come from and if you feel like the circumstances are truly working in your favor, you can overcome a lot of barriers and will  still be enthusiastic about the direction you are heading. If you have already learned to handle difficult situations and have a resilient spirit when things get unpredictable, you might be at the perfect time and place to let your dreams fly high.

On the other hand, if you need change but don't have any idea what your passion or purpose is, you may be setting yourself up for failure. Pretending you can be passionate about anything as long as it is not your current situation is a huge mistake. Once you discover you have no interest  in whatever you think you might like to pursue, you will hardly be able to get anyone else excited about it. Worrying about how you will live while trying to feed money and time into your passion can easily kill your enthusiasm and if everything does change, including things you were hoping to keep status quo you might find yourself down a road you never wanted to go.

And while many times people only gain approval of family and friends after they have demonstrated a productive aspect when getting their passion off the ground, it does help to have some significant others on board to encourage you when you hit an obstacle.

Although you need not have every one of the points for or against your favor to know if it is your NOW or your NO, one thing is certain.

If you are wanting it to be NOW, but your heart, mind and soul are thinking NO...It's NOT GO TIME.

On the other hand if you are anxious about some things but your mind, heart and soul are saying, "No time like the present." and you are looking for some sign, maybe you just realized your NOW.

What are some other things that helped you decide  whether it was NOW or NO ?

Kathy Brunner is an author, speaker and branding specialist who helps people make their passion happen.Contact her if you want her to help you make your moment or more happen.

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