Thursday, November 7, 2013


Ever been in a position where you simply can't determine what to do next?

Maybe you have done a great job getting to where you want to go but somewhere along the way, you meet an obstacle or get to a place where you either can't or won't move forward.

Everyone experiences moments where things seem to be at a standstill but when that standstill prevents progress you can become frustrated and disillusioned which often leads to a resignation that you will never be able to change things. That resignation is all it takes to maintain the statusquo and have you telling yourself you are going nowhere.

Sometimes in trying to get "unstuck" you convince yourself you are going to become undone or unglued and that makes you even more anxious in trying to move on.

There are strategies to becoming 'unstuck' and if you want to learn how to develop a safety net so you can take a leap of faith join me and the Creative Team of CALLED WOMAN, this Sunday November 10 at 8:00 PM EST for a very special FREE conference about overcoming your personal or career obstacles and taking the necessary steps to move forward.

You will get many tips and ideas on how to move beyond the obstacles and go from Ordinary to Extraordinary. SIGN UP HERE.  and get the detail for Sunday's call.

Hope I get to "meet" you on Sunday.

Kathy Brunner is an author, speaker and branding specialist who helps people make their passion happen.Contact her if you want her to help you make your moment or more happen.
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