Monday, December 30, 2013

The Art of The Pitch

The first pitch of the game, Vargas' first pit...
The first pitch of the game, Vargas' first pitch for the Nationals, and... it was socked for a home run. Not a great start to Vargas' first appearence, where he gave up six runs in the top two innings. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Yes, it is important to know how to pitch a product or service, but it is just as important to know how to pitch something that has outlived its usefulness in your life.

Sometimes we need to pitch the vast memorablia we collect over the years; the ones we no longer enjoy or even continue to add to. Maybe its an old collection of dolls, stamps, baseball cards, magazines, maps etc. Sometimes you can earn a pretty penny by selling the things which no longer bring you joy to someone else whose goal is to start or add to a collection.

Sometimes we need to pitch the excess stuff we accumulate over the years which seldom gets used and often isn't even remembered until we realize we now have three tents, 70 VCR tapes but no VCR player, more Christmas lights than we will ever be able to use,  11 paint trays or 6 TV's but only 2 which are hooked up and working. Maybe it's time to make a trip and a donation to a second hand store with some of the excess loaded for delivery.

Sometimes we need to pitch the things we are  never going to use again; the pressure cooker with the missing top, the 3 folding chairs with broken seats, the old radio that barely gets good static, the flatware set with 4 knives, 1 fork and a ladle but no spoons, the old Atari game console and the hideous orange scarf with grasshoppers Aunt Lois knitted over a decade ago.

Sometimes it's time to pitch the relationships that go nowhere or those that just keep adding more negatives in our lives. Maybe it's time to pitch the friends who take advantage of you but really don't add anything to your growth, character or even purpose. Is it time to rid yourself of the people who keep you from being your best or sabbotage every effort you make to rise above your circumstances and get further than where they want you to be?

Pitching is not potluck. Ask any pitcher who knows how to read signals and recognizes the one pitch which could change the outcome of the game. Pitching is deliberate and done to create an effect and it is in that light that it is also time for me to PITCH THIS BLOG.

OH...Don't panic! It's only getting pitched from its parent host site. I have been meaning to transfer this blog to a site that allows me to connect better with readers, add more useful elements and define clarity and scope with less busyness and flash.  I love the blog but I no longer love how it works for me HERE.

Say Good-bye to and Hello to and by the way, ALL the posts of Finding Your Fire have already navigated over there. Come see. 

Maybe you won't see all the followers and it won't be as "splashy" but I think you will find it is really the best of me minus the stuff that no longer works.

I LOVE my readers. I APPRECIATE everyone of you who received the blog on your phone or in your email, through your feeds or any other way you enjoyed getting it and I just hope you will believe in me enough to join me at my new PLACE which is not so much new as just expanded.

I hope you will continue to read and comment and feel inspired and most of all I hope you will not be afraid to perfect your ART OF THE PITCH in this New Year.

Come welcome the New Year with me. Say "HI" and tell me: 


How can I help you make it a HOMERUN year?

HOME PLATE PAPERWEIGHT (Photo credit: Wickerfurnitur

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