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LIFE ...There's An App for That

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Unless you have been living under a rock, you probably know there are countless apps you can get to do everything from search for bargains, locate a recipe, play a game with friends, find directions or any number of other things. App, short for application, is a kind of software that when downloaded can actually perform a task the specific app was design to do.

Want to reserve a flight? There's an app for that. Want to figure out how many calories are in that drink you want to order? There's an app for that. Want to find the best deal on the newest HDTV? There's an app for that. Maybe you just want to follow your favorite team, contact an organization or rescue an animal; got apps for those things as well!

With all the apps, life certainly has gotten easier or has it? I wonder if there is an app for knowing when to take a different course in life? I wish there was an app that would determine the success of a decision you must make or the outcome of a plan you have before you put it into operation. But, I guess the life app for that is called mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes. It actually can be a very useful app. Hopefully you learn from it and can use it as a guide post for future decisions and plans.
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And wouldn't it be great if there were an app that could determine what types of problems or issues you would face prior to a dilemma? How wonderful if you could see the future and what was coming and adjust your responses now to avoid the obstacles. But, I guess the real app for that is simply experience. You do something and assess whether or not it had the affect you hoped it would and the experience is often a wonderful teacher. Experience is also an amazing app when you use it as a tool for reference.

Would your life be different if you could download an app that would create only  positive encounters, pleasant surprises and delightful interactions with everyone you meet? Wouldn't everything be better if we could identify those who would sabotage our dreams, re-direct our lives and spread ugly untruths about us? But, then again, perhaps the life app we actually have for those is called forgiveness, compassion and unconditional love.Come to think of it, these apps among the most useful of all.

I personally would love an app that would clean my house, make my meals, be wherever I needed to be and do whatever I needed to do when I just want to do other things. But in real life, that app is called responsibility and has the potential to change people's character with its application.

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And surely it would be amazing to have an app that would take your dream, passion, idea or goal and have it become reality with just a simple download but there isn't. In real life those apps accomplish that in the form of motivation, ambition.determination and often just hard work.

You can download an app and the magic will appear to get you a map, a menu, a video or even a date, but if you want to make your dream reality, develop your ideas into something more or reach a life long goal...YOU are the app. Inside that app you have quite a bit of what it takes to be successful. Your life is an amazing app. Maybe it's just waiting for you to push its buttons and get something going.

What other life app do you think is needed to be successful?

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