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Today tens of millions of people will tune in to watch the top television broadcast in the WORLD!
The ten top broadcasts in history have included 9 Super Bowls and the final episode of the sitcom, MASH.
Whether you tune it to watch the commercials, half-time show, the game  or even just to see what all the hype is about...It's a big day!

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And no matter whether you care who wins, even support the teams playing or know who is playing, millions upon millions of dollars will be raked in by the winners, losers and even by players who won't even be part of the game. Let's face it, few people can earn what a professional sports player may make in a few games.

Given these awesome statistics, I have to wonder why more people allow a few hours and some skilled players to get more attention regularly than they give to thinking about their own lives, goals and aspirations. When was the last time you even took a few hours to really get excited about what was going on in your life? Isn't your life and what you hope to accomplish more important than the Super Bowl? Doesn't it make a difference to you what happens in your life more than what happens on some field? And shouldn't your skills be worth some significant "moo-laa." at well?
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Of course it should! So, at some point today, ask yourself if I had as much money as these players, what would I do? Aside from the typical; pay off my bills, etc. Imagine that all you had to do was think of what you would do with this money. Then ask yourself if money is the only thing  stopping you, because in many many cases, our biggest obstacles to achieving a goal is not's our perception of what we can and can't do.

If you think you cannot reach a goal or achieve a dream, you have lost your edge for the most critical part. That's why teams get a pep talk before a game. Telling someone they can't achieve a goal or have no ability to become successful or even plan how to develop a dream is mental poison and yet often that is what we allow ourselves to accept. We fill ourselves with a mental poison and say, "I'll never get to this stage.", "I am too old or poor or uneducated to try this." or even,"Why bother dreaming when this will never happen."If Eli Manning or Tom Brady thought that most of their lives, I hardly imagine they would be where they are today.

Think about what you would do and then write down all the things that will help you get there or close to there and don't dwell on the money but more on the attitude; more on what you believe you can do.Because you can't reach a Super Goal if you don't even think you can plan the game and if you start with a winning attitude maybe, just maybe your will think you are worth oh so much more hype than a few players are on a field for a few hours. Maybe just maybe, planning for your game will be just as important as watching this one.

What's your Super Goal and what is stopping you from winning?
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