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There are several beautiful dogwood trees in my yard. While I love the white flowers edged with pink, I really love the yellow buds that bloom like a lacy covering of sunshine all over the yard.just before the white flowers arrive. However, those yellow buds last but a few days and less if there is a strong storm while they are in bloom. I have learned to deliberately begin to look when the first buds come out and then constantly during the day as I know in just a day or two, maybe hours depending on the weather, my favorite part of the tree will be gone again for another year or maybe forever.

Many opportunities in our life arrive in much the same way as those dogwood trees. There is sometimes just a small window of time to take advantage of something that may change a great many of our perceptions. Sometimes that small window will make all the difference in our
 relationships, our careers, our joy in life.

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Most people believe they can always return to those opportunities an they use words like "someday" to delay what is present now for what they believe will be a better time when they will have more resources, more energy, more flexibility and more knowledge. But just because you have MORE of anything doesn't mean the opportunity is guaranteed to return when you get all your stars aligned. Did you ever say, "I'll do that when the baby gets into school" or " "..when the kids graduate",  "...when I save enough money, have more time, finish my degree, get older, retire...." Suddenly you look and wonder what would have happened if you would have just looked through that window of opportunity when it presented itself instead of hoping it would return when you finally decided the time was right.

If I waited until I had more time, energy, was less distracted or wasn't so busy, I might not have to drop what I am doing and realize the yellow buds are out, but if I wait, they may be gone and I will have missed the opportunity to catch something  I love before it's too late.

Dogwoods bloom every year, but this year a friend saw 4 out of the 5 in her yard die for no apparent reason. She thought she would enjoy all the blooms every morning as she looked out over her patio and enjoyed her morning coffee, however all that's  left is a little tree in the corner of her yard, too far away to even be seen from the kitchen window.
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I will enjoy watching mine bud today just because I still can.

What opportunity is opening a window or door in your life?  Are you planning on making time to see what is on the other side.or are you convinced you will address it "someday."

Maybe it's time to re-think the idea that  opportunities always return.

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  1. Yes, Kathy! We need to be open to and aware of opportunities at every turn and keep those windows open.
    I am guilty of the "someday" syndrome in my past, but not anymore. It's write, write, write, and then write some more. Hope to have my novel coming out in the fall.
    Great and inspiring post!
    Blessings to you!

  2. Oh yes, Martha, I left the guilt behind as well. Write, write, write, You found your fire...Can't wait to hear more about your novel

  3. This is the HAVE-DO-BE syndrome. We expect that first we must have the time or resources, or money or even luck before we can do what we want to do and then FINALLY we can be what we want to author, an actor, a teacher whatever. It is actually backward. We must first BE what we want to be, do what is necessary and FINALLY we have what we want. GREAT post Kathy!

  4. Thanks for your comment, Lynne. Makes me think of all the windows of opportunity I closed or ignored because I was HAVE BE DO...Not anymore!

  5. Hi, Kathy! ~

    Great message! No such thing as 'someday'!!

    I spent the past week or so on retreat at my lake house trying to break through to the next level of creativity in art and life. My latest breakthrough will, hopefully, be my first-ever video blog post ... stay tuned ;-)

  6. Can't wait Linda...good for you! "Someday" is definitely not a useful word!
    Thanks for stopping by and your comment!