Monday, September 10, 2012

What More Do You Need?

Seems like there was always one thing I wish I had more of. Maybe it depended on what particular goal I was trying to achieve but I often found myself wishing even plotting to get more of whatever I needed(wanted).

When I was a young mother, I definitely remember wishing I had more sleep. Obviously many new parents can relate to suddenly finding yourself overwhelmed with responsibilities but being sleep deprived constantly. Later in life, I recall wishing I had more "me" time. I most certainly had time to sleep then, but my days were often consumed with all the activities having a family can bring. Somehow I believed an extra hour, day etc. would afford me whatever time I had deprived myself of in the midst of raising a family.

I can certainly relate to wishing I had more money. Especially when the hot water tank and roof decided to leak simultaneously. I can recall wishing I had more disposable income to travel, expand my business, buy eye candy etc whenever most of the income went to children's braces, sports activities, college funds, groceries and "everything else."

Have you ever told yourself if you simply had more _________ (time, money, energy, patience,contacts, knowledge etc) you would certainly be able to reach your goals? While there is little doubt having more of whatever we might be feeling is diminished could be the bonus that puts us over the top, often we use this as an excuse for not executing our plans. We turn our fear of taking the first step into a surreal scenario convincing ourselves our efforts might be futile unless we have 'more'. 

I know having more sleep would not have made me a better new mother. Yes, a more patient and probably more cheerful new mother but the internal desire to be the best mother I could be went deeper than the difference a few hours of sleep would have ever make. Having more disposable income would not have made me a better business owner. It may have afforded me the ability to expand or update but the passion to be a dedicated and exceptional business owner could not be compromised with more or less money.Certainly having more time might make me feel more productive but  like most people, I work best with an organized  and predictable schedule so I might actually be less productive with a 25th hour added to every day.

I have also realized we will always want 'more'. We live in a world where new ideas sprout new products constantly and we are constantly bombarded with the latest and greatest new invention to make our lives easier. Wanting 'more' is not wrong unless it is used as an excuse for why we can't move on with our dreams and passions. 

I often look at the words framed in my office..."happiness is wanting what you have not having what you want." and I realize many great ideas were started with far than ideal resources. If you wait until you have enough_______(time, money, energy, patience, contacts, knowledge etc.) you will never start because 'enough' like 'more' is relative and elusive.

What is the one thing you wish you had more of ? 
Is your need for 'more' the excuse you use for not starting your dream?


  1. Lately time has been at the top of my list but you are really right--we have what we need and certainly most of us here in the good ole USA have MORE than we need of most everything. The question is do we make the most of what we have? A favorite quote of mine is:

    Things turn out best for people who make the best out of the way things turn out. Art Linkletter

    Great post, Kathy!

    1. Love the quote, Lynne. I know what you mean about time. Sometimes we only recognize all our blessings when we realize as you say, we may not be making the most of what we have. Good thoughts. Thanks, for stopping by.