Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Adult Swim

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Remember when you were younger, having a great time in the pool and suddenly the lifeguard blew a whistle and informed you and your friends that you needed to vacate the pool for a period of time and let the adults have their fun.
"Adult swim," would be announced and the pool would be reserved for just "grown ups."

There is nothing wrong with adult swims and personally, I look forward to hearing that whistle blow now and getting to spend some time enjoying quiet time in the pool without dodging belly smackers, noodles and loud screams of "Marco Polo", but most children dreaded those eternal minutes of "adult swim" when they did nothing more than countdown the moments until the "old guys' got out of their territory and they could resume the horse play and  raucaus interaction they began before the lifeguard blew that whistle. They didn't mind the noise and the crowds. The kids were there to just enjoy the moment.

Sometimes I think the very thing we hated as a child, becomes our security as an adult. We want someone to blow a whistle and tell us it's time to start working on our goals or our passions; time to move into a territory cleared of unpleasantries and offering a safe haven to make our passions happen. Like that whistle indicating adults were guaranteed of  a less obstructive time in the water, thinking you will get an obvious indicator of that perfect time when you are meant to take a leap of faith is hoping for something that may never happen.

It's good to be cautious when treading into new territory, but often waiting for what you think is an indicator you can participate without unnecessary interference is futile. Maybe it doesn't seem like the perfect time for you to sample the waters or even just jump in and go for it but you might never get in the water waiting to hear that whistle and what good is a day at the pool without at least enjoying the refreshing opportunity to sample the water?

Maybe you will be fortunate and the whistle will blow, and all the things imperfect about where you are about to venture will be removed but if you refuse to wade in while the pool is a bit more crowded and noisy you might end up stranded waiting on the sideline missing a chance to perfect the strokes that could never be practiced without the water and missing an opportunity to seize the moment.

Are you waiting for the Adult Swim signal to jump in to your dream?
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