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What Jimmy Buffett Can Teach a Trailblazer

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Jimmy Buffett is nearly 66 years old and still going strong. Why? I think it's because he always set his direction towards something meaningful to him. He knew he wasn't much to look at and didn't think his  educational pursuits would be his trademark but decided  he would take up the guitar in college to meet women. Who doesn't love a man with a song?

He eventually moved to Nashville to pursue becoming a country singer but when his releases went mostly unnoticed, he realized he preferred living near the sea to fighting the traffic in suburbia and relocated to Key West, where he gradually perfected his beachcomber image while learning to sail and pilot his own plane. He was happier than ever living in his "paradise" and in return grew a large following of fans who loved his casual concerts and laid back style. 

Jimmy hasn't put out a new album in over ten years, but continues to draw sell-out crowds wherever he sings.He owns chains of clubs, clothing and has written several books. (I think he actually is quite a good writer!) Honestly, Jimmy does not have a voice that is unforgettable. It's certainly worthy of good karaoke but hardly will be remembered for its depth. Why then is Jimmy in such demand? 

He knows how to give good customer service and truly loves what he does. He appears to enjoy giving a concert as much today as he did more than three decades ago. He may be one of the few entertainment icons who have had children and grandchildren of the original Parrot Heads enjoy his music. Jimmy has much to teach every entrepreneur whether you like his music or not.

Here's what I learned from Jimmy Buffett:
1) It's critical to find something you love and navigate to that arena. 
It might be your career, but when it can't be, it should be another outlet either an avocation or a hobby. Jimmy loved the sea even more than the guitar and so he moved where he could sail and the beach persona came as a result.

2) Capitalizing on your passion connects others. 
You may be the most skillful professional around but if you don't make your passion part of your persona, you will miss the chance to connect with others who enjoy that same venue. People will always follow a person with passion rather than one who is apathetic at best.

3) Developing you passion can enrich your life.
It's far easier to do something you love long into your life than settle for a career or lifestyle that you dread each day.
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4) There is always a market for every passion.
Some will be larger than others, but whether you make specialty fruitcakes, train dogs, build relationships or build houses, someone will want what you do if you know how to reach your niche' market.

5) You don't have to be the most talented to be the most successful.
The bottom line is not about how skillful, how attractive, how rich, how smart or how famous you are but about how you bring people together to appreciate what you do. 

So, next time you wonder if your idea has any potential ask yourself these questions.
1. What do I really enjoy doing?
2. Where do I really enjoy being?
3. What connects me with those who feel the same?

"...If we couldn't laugh we would all go insane." (From: CHANGES IN LATITUDES, CHANGES IN ATTITUDES by Jimmy Buffett)

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  1. I love Jimmy Buffett and he is, indeed, a wonderful, entertaining writer.
    How great it is that you were able to use his life's example in such an inspiring way.
    Gotta do what you love!
    Blessings, Kathy!

  2. Thanks, Martha for commenting. I always enjoy your stopping by! I realize every time I hear one of his songs,it brings some "happy". I think if we could all do that in some way with what we do, the world would be just a bit better.