Thursday, December 20, 2012


I have about 24 hours to decide whether I should wrap the gifts or even finish the last minute shopping. Only 24 hours to decide whether I just should leave all cleaning and cooking behind, forget about the garbage and go on a spending spree.

Should the laundry just stay piled up and the dishwasher go without being emptied? If you only have one day left, why worry whether clothes are clean or a carpet is vacuumed? Who cares if beds get made or if there is enough milk for breakfast? And why pay a bill that's due or make another appointment or even go to work because if the Mayans were right, none of that will matter anyway.


Many of our choices are based on what we believe because we obviously can't know the future. We choose to earn a degree because of where we see ourselves years down the road. We choose our soul mate because we believe we will live happily ever after. We choose our investments because we believe we might make a nice nest egg and we stay in or leave a career often because of something that drives us in a specific direction.

And those decisions will always be the right ones, but only IF WE ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

Personally, there are some things I will take chances with and some I certainly won't. I might leave the laundry for another day or wait until the last minute to wrap those gifts, whether the Mayans were right or not but I prefer to take my chances on tomorrow. I believe the future is there for the taking and when your heart is being led in a direction you must take that step. 

You CAN be too cautious, you CAN be too careful and you CAN be too certain what others say is true and allow someone else's remarks about your future determine your choices, but only if you believe them and only if THEY ARE ALWAYS RIGHT.

But no one can always be right so you need to decide what you are waiting for because the New Year is just around the corner and I do believe we are going to be around to see it. Do you believe you have the potential to bring your dreams to fruition and make your passion happen or are you letting some other people decide what will happen to that dream?

The Mayans may have thought it would all be over tomorrow and you may be hearing your future doesn't look so great either. But, if you really have a passion, I suggest you prove them both wrong.

Live today as though it were the first and best day of your life and take the steps to make all your tomorrows the way YOU want them to be. 

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to pair some socks and take out that garbage.

What have you been talked out of doing by people who you thought were right?
If you knew the end of the world was just around the corner, what would you regret not having 

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