Sunday, December 30, 2012

5 Things To Do When You're On Fire

This is the final post for 2012. So I thought I would share some practical ideas that are essential when one is "on fire".

. I suggest the follow five actions be completed to be successful.

1. ASSESS the situation. Are you just dealing with a spark, smoldering or in complete inferno mode. Give yourself permission to decide whether you are just toying with a little spark and want nothing more or if you feel you are heading into much more explosive territory and are really excited about this possibility.

2. PLAN...After making your decision, determine what comes next. Is it time to learn more about going forward, make more contacts, share your plans, get more exposure or is it time to revamp and redirect your flame? Have you been just lighting match after match and getting a small spark but don't really have the desire to commit to more and need to basically ignore the urge to strike the match again or are you ready to keep that fire burning long into the future and need to determine what steps you take to get it to that stage? A plan keeps you from spinning your wheels and going no where. List what you need to put your fire out or to let it rage.

3. ACT...Don't just plan steps you will take. Be very proactive. Maybe this means breaking away from a past behavior, past associates, stagnation, poor choices, poor direction and stalled intentions. It could mean developing a specific schedule for starting off on a better foot, making the right contacts, developing a support system, spending time daily moving your flames in the direction you want. You can't stay on fire standing still, you will just burn out. So either douse your flames or gather the fuel you need to blaze. Action is commitment. You can't move forward standing still. It's not enough to have a plan if you don't act on it when it's time. You won't be any further ahead having a smoke alarm but freezing in space when you hear it go off. Something's get moving.

4. EVALUATE...Every time you act, you must evaluate whether your actions achieved what you hoped they would. Do you need to tweak your methods? Are you stuck fanning a flame that isn't growing? Do you need better fuel? Does that mean you need to connect with others who can help you grow or learn more about the resources that can spread your flames in new directions? Are you already spread too thin and can you blaze better if you concentrate on a specific niche rather than a broad spectrum? Look at your results and determine if the way you are handling your fire has the outcomes you wanted.

5. CALL FOR HELP...No one expects you to handle a roaring blaze on your own. You need a team to put your fire in perspective. You need appropriate resources to deal with your flames. Be assertive. Seek our answers, support, ideas. Join forces with like minded individuals. Take courses, attend conferences, listen to webinars, seek mentors, and tell others what you need. Even strong burning fires need to add to the forces to grow them periodically. Are you ready to dial the proverbial "911" to ask for help in controlling the blaze? Do you need support to clean up what's left of a burned out life to help you move on to a more appealing scenario or is it time to request assistance because you can't handle your flame all alone anymore?

When you have a passion, an idea that won't let go, a goal you feel you must reach, you must take some definite steps to handle your fire. I hope this year you put out the flames that were never meant to be and ignite the sparks that are your true passions.

IN CASE OF FIRE...STOP procrastinating  DROP your negativism or lack of faith and ROLL out your future plans today.

This time next year I want YOU sharing YOUR Trailblazer story!

If you want some great help in getting your fire from the spark stage to blazing and beyond come sign up for the CALLED WOMAN conference in March  this year. You'll discover many ways to go from  Fire starter to Trailblazer and connect with others who did the same.

What one of the 5 steps is holding you back from directing your fire in the way you want it to go?

What makes you ON FIRE?


  1. Terrific post, Kathy! My biggest obstacle is prioritizing the ideas and tasks and then (here's the really important part) following through and focusing on the top 20% of the to-do-list.

    1. I totally know that feeling Lynne. Here's hoping the realization will make a difference for both of us in the New Year. Thanks for stopping by and sharing.