Monday, April 15, 2013

Lessons From The Outhouse on How To Be The Next Big Thing

When I was a young girl, my family would visit my oldest aunt who lived on a farm. I loved the animals, gathering eggs, feeding sheep and eating some of the freshest foods around but I hated one thing...the OUTHOUSE. For several years, she had no indoor plumbing and having to go in the outhouse was awful; from the flies and smells to the very fact by today's standards it was anything but sanitary.
Outhouse near Miller's Bakery
Outhouse near Miller's Bakery (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

But one thing outhouses did was create a need for something everyone who owned a home eventually wanted; indoor plumbing.

Anytime something new replaces something that is laborious, time intensive or unpleasant it becomes desirable. Think of how fast food restaurants, mobile animal grooming services,personal lawn care services, mobile dry cleaners, on-line shopping, gas fireplaces, GPS systems and walk-in clinics have made life easier for many people. While not every convenience appeals to everyone, there will nearly always be a niche for a product or service that makes life easier.

It's not hard to be the next big thing is you are observant. Start by observing what would make your life easier that currently either doesn't exist or is considerably beyond the financial means of most indivduals.

Once you see a need, filling it is the next step. There is no big secret to the next big thing.Someone today is already busy creating or improving something you are going to wish you thought of months or years from now. Why shouldn't that someone be YOU!

Automobiles, airplanes, computers,big box stores, indoor playgrounds, Pinterest, and 
Etsy all became the NEXT BIG THING.

Everyone has an "OUTHOUSE" in their life today that needs replacement, improvement, and advancement. It might be in their home, career, leisure activities or involve their pets, their belongings or even their educational or spiritual lives.


Once you know that answer, you are on your way to being the next big thing.

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