Saturday, April 20, 2013

It's Only Catchy If Someone Hangs On To It

Last weekend a woman ran up to me at a garden shop and said, "Hey, Aren't you the "Firestarter"?  "You gave that workshop in December (to a professional organization she belonged to). I bought your book.I really enjoyed it. You helped me really get started on some ideas, in fact..."

She continued to share how much she enjoyed the workshop, what she felt inspired to do, how having an accountability team helped her and then as she looked at me holding an entire flat of perennials in my hands she gushed, " I'm so sorry, I know you have a name, but I just remember you introduced yourself and then said, "I'm a firestarter and I'm here to help you get fired up and not burn out!"

She remembered it exactly...all but my name!

After we re-introduced ourselves and I began to drive home, I realized  how critical it is to leave an unforgettable impression on people. No, she did not remember my name, but she did remember my book and that I had described myself as a "Firestarter". She remembered the activities in the workshop and how they inspired her. She may not have remembered my name, but having her remember what I did, how I did it and how it affected her was by far, a more desirable outcome.

Whether personal or business branding, you must leave something behind that remains unforgettable. Most people recognize the symbols Nike, Google or  Apple or the slogans of some products; G.E. "Brings good things to light.", Clairol asked, "Does she or doesn't she.?" and Kentucky Fried Chicken reminds us it's "finger-lickin good."

Every day authors, entrepreneurs, business owners search for tag lines and phrases that remind their consumers of a particular aspect they want them to remember.

What's tag line of your book, the slogan for your business or the catch phrase for a service you offer? Make your brand YOURS, because when I googled my name, I discovered there were many Kathy Brunner's and there are probably others with your name as well. 

What will people remember about you? Will they remember your hairstyle, eye color or what you were wearing or are they more likely to remember the special slogan or logo associated with you, because next time they see you, your hair may be a different shade and you may be wearing a different outfit but wouldn't it be cool if they remembered. 

'Hey, aren't you the "_____________?"

What are some ways people recall what you offer or what you do?

When I was a little girl, there was a neighbor who had a beauty parlor in her home. On her lawn was a sign, "Here's where people curl up and dye."  I never forgot that!

What are some catchy slogans or phrases that have stuck with you?

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