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Howard Beale (Peter Finch) delivering his &quo...
Howard Beale (Peter Finch) delivering his "mad as hell" speech (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
"I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it anymore!" Anyone who has ever watched the movie, Network, will remember Peter Finch in the role of  Howard Beale, an aging network executive who is about to be put out to pasture but not without sharing his epic rant with his viewers. Although Beale might be considered a madman by his employer's estimate, a competitor sees this diamond in the rough and the story shares what happens when those who matter(the viewers)learn the truth.

It's a moment perhaps most people have felt in their lifetime. You know those days when you want to run out in the parking lot and scream like Finch. Days when you realize the person who gives you your paycheck is so far removed from all the responsibilities you handle it's like trying to talk to someone who absolutely has no comprehension of your native language. 

Maybe you have had days when you feel trapped in a bad situation, stuck without many options in a dead end career or simply frustrated with the red tape you encounter to perform a simply task.

That's when you need to get Fired! You can spend all your time moaning and complaining or you can develop an alternative strategy. If you really can't take it anymore, then you have to decide what you could do and go do it. 

Yes, It's that simple!

For some people this means, working at their job while working on their next career. For others it means moving beyond their networth and developing their network. For many it means taking a leap of faith when health, relationships and a better future have been compromised by staying far too long in a toxic environment.

But for others, it means simply more talking and more of the same. Some people can't move beyond the exasperation to real action and they burn out a little more week after week, year after year until they simply feel FRIED.

If you recognize yourself in any of these scenarios you must make a decision as to whether you are Fried or Fired. The words might have the same letters but where they are placed means light years in terms of how you feel.

Fried people are burned out and have little hope in their ability to change their circumstances. They wallow in despair and helplessness, feeling defeated at every turn.

Fired people are just as incensed but they stop talking. The fire in their belly propels them into putting together an action plan. They recognize the one thing they can do to change the outcome is to change how they choose to participate in the situation and they become active planners in creating a new role and a new direction for their lives.

Fried people burn out and give up. Fired people feel the burn inside and rise up.

Arrange the letters and they mean something different.

Arrange your life and you will be something different.

No one can make you burn out if you fuel your own fire.

Next time you are "mad as hell" make sure you don't take it anymore, unless you enjoy being, FRIED.
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How do you feel right now in terms of your current situation?
What suggestions would you give to someone who is about to burn out?   

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