Wednesday, May 22, 2013


Colleges across the country are participating in that annual sheepskin and handshake ritural known as graduation. Maybe you recall your college graduation. I certainly remember mine and those of my children as well.

There never seems to be a shortage of advice when it comes to wanting to give some to the graduate. It's an exciting time and perhaps the last time for many, that the dreams they dream seem to be able to become reality. 

Advice is a two edge sword. Learned too late by some and given too early to others. There was  advice I am glad I never took as well as advice I took that I am sorry I did. 

Here is what I learned from both.

1) Make mistakes that make you proud. You are going to make many mistakes in your lifetime. Learn from them and turn your errors into efforts. 

2) Success is overrated. Regardless of how much fame or fortune you have, you will be remembered and admired more for your integrity at keeping your word and your promises.

3) Potential and Opportunity don't always run on the same path so don't let others create the road to your destination.

4) Be indebted to people rather than things.

5) Don't confuse cocky with confidence or tasteless with tactful. Learn the difference.

6) You may know what you want, but it always helps to ask God to show you His plan as well.

7) Take yourself seriously enough to  be taken seriously by someone else.

8)  Live in the moment but not for the moment.

9) A narrow mind can't see the bigger picture. Clarity comes from adjusting your focus.

10) Your degree isn't the ticket to your success, your determination is. Jimmy Buffett and Bill Gates are both wildly successful and neither had a degree.

11) Get fired up about what matters instead of burning out because of what doesn't. It truly will change your life and your perspective.

12) A sense of humor is one sense that never fails as you grow older.

13) Leave the world a better place even if it's only in your little part of someone's life.

What's the Best Advice you Never Took?                       
What Advice Do You Have To The Next Generation?

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