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English: Round 4 wheel configuration on the U.S. version of Wheel of Fortune (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
Much of what people want to do with their lives is often approached with a "Wheel of Fortune" mentality. They believe their destiny is at the hands of a spin of the wheel and if lady luck smiles on them, they will be blessed but if the spin turns out to be one that causes a loss, oh well, that's life!

Maybe that is life when you are playing this popular T.V. show game. But, that is not at all how real life works. While we can't control many things, we do have opportunities to change the outcomes of a great many circumstances in our lives and it need not rely on simply a spin of a wheel.

Some people will always be the ones standing on the starting block but never ready to leap forward even after the gun goes off. They try but then stop.They will be the ones with excuses about feeling ill, overwhelmed, sabotaged and misdirected. These people have a "poor me" mentality nearly always focusing on the bad that has happened and the losses in their lives.  

Other people cannot approach a starting block even when they wish to be a runner. It's always not a good time or they don't have the right shoes or they haven't practiced long enough and don't feel ready. These "wannabes" have good intentions but poor execution and stay on the sidelines wishing they were running.

And, some people train for a short time or maybe not at all. Whenever they hear that gun go off, they just run. The goal for them is to make it to the finish line. They would love to win, but winning isn't the absolute, the challenge and the effort are what spurs them on. Then they go on to another race, and another, perfecting their skills each time.

How you live your life is up to you. On Sunday June 30th I will be hosting a B.Y.O. B (Be Your Own BO$$) FREE conference call. If you ever wanted to begin something you always dreamed of, this is YOUR chance to learn some nuts and bolts and have others help you get off the starting block. You can REGISTER HERE.

It's up to you. 


Do you just want to live paycheck to paycheck because that's the only spin you can visualize on your Wheel of Fortune or are you ready to move beyond your excuses and limitations? 

Have you been making more excuses for than attempts at being in charge of your future? 

Are you waiting for the right time, place or resources to get out and try something rather than using what you have to get in the game?

The starting block is HERE....I hope to talk with you on Sunday and by Monday morning I hope you have RUN YOUR BEST RACE YET!

Join me for B.Y.O.B...because in life, some people spin the Wheel of Fortune and some  create it. Because we get to decide, so...

Which will YOU be?

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