Monday, July 8, 2013


Any major life event is often better prepared for once you know its date. Most weddings are planned once a date is set, people give notice about a date when they will retire from their career. Universities expect prospects to respond to their invitation to attend by a certain date. Even though the exact date may not be certain, doctors inform expectant mothers of an approximate date of the baby's arrival.

There is a "sell by___" and "use by___" date stamped on perishable foods. We need to know the date a special concert is arriving in our town in order to purchase tickets and recording companies and movie studios advertise their new products with a release date. What about you have you set your date?


Why is it then that people are so reluctant to set dates to make changes in their lives?

Isn't it time those activities had a date attached to them so you can better prepare for them?

How many times have you said "I need to leave this situation behind?" or "This is the last time I am going to put up with this!" 

Maybe no one takes you seriously anymore because you don't take yourself seriously.

Do you think just saying you will someday do something is GOOD ENOUGH?

It's not!

Think about how ambitious you would be at completing a major project if the time frame was ambiguous.

How likely would you be to show up for a party when the invitation suggested you arrive, "someday."?

What if the food you ate warned, "Might expire sometime"?

We WANT to know WHEN something is going to happen. We like to be able to PLAN for some of the big events in our lives and yet, whenever I ask somebody WHEN they are going to begin their own business, move ahead with an idea, commit to a plan, leave their current situation behind or even start working on the rest of their lives, I get answers that are arbitrary and vague. 

I invite you to BE BOLD. BE SMART. BE PREPARED and BE READY and you can't do any of that without a setting a date in mind when you will have completed what you want to do.


Get out your calendar and set the date you will finally:

1. Stop blaming your past for where you are today.
2. Quit a habit you know you need to eliminate
3. Leave a circumstance behind that is holding you back
4. Move on from what you hate doing.
5. Hand in your letter of resignation
6. Make a decision about your next step.
7. Have your business up and running
8. Stop taking your life for granted
9. Remove the negative elements in your life
10.Surrender your control to a higher power.

You know what you need to do. Your life DOES have an expiration date. 
It's time to be commited with more than thoughts and words.

Circle the date and note, "By this date I am going to____"


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