Monday, July 29, 2013


How many times do you hear or read something that pulls at your heartstrings. It may be a family facing a medical crisis who needs assistance to meet their daily needs. Maybe it is a person facing long term unemployment, a terminal illness, mental or physical challenges and you wonder, "How can I help? What can one person do?"

I felt this way about human trafficking. The horrors of having a child deceived into selling his or her body to fuel another person's wallet was unfathomable and yet I know it happens every day and much more close to home than any of us think.

My Passion Project has been to support a group who rehabilitates the victims that have been rescued.

I also write regular blogs for Exodus Road. This organization provides investigative teams throughout the world and has already saved hundreds of trafficked victims from those who sold their innocence away and forced them into a life of fear and unbelievable circumstances. 

The Exodus Road teams are growing and I want to support their efforts. My goal is to become a regularly contributing team member for TEAM CHARLIE which will be ready to launch in the Fall of 2013. This team will focus on rescuing human trafficked victims in the United States. 

While you may be shocked to learn of this type of slavery happening in your own backyard, you would be even more surprised to learn it is increasing in epidemic proportions with over 14,500 new victims every year!

But now, you CAN do more than simply wish it away. For $35/month we can field a team of experts who provide SEARCH AND RESCUE efforts to locate victims and remove them from their hidden lives behind the walls of local brothels, prostitution rings and street trade.

I'm looking for more team members. What about your women's groups, bookclubs, sororities,work colleagues or neighborhood groups? 

Although you can't go into the areas and personally rescue the victims, you can provide resources to teams who can. $35 that's all it takes! It costs 10 people $3.50/month (less than a cup of that designer coffee!) It takes only $5.00 from 7 people! 

Can you spare a small monthly contribution and get "your people" to help someone who has no future unless they are rescued?

Everyone is facing tough economic times and yet a small contribution like this may make a bigger difference than anything you have every contributed to before. 
Please join me in saving a rescue at a time.

Contact me HERE if you want on my team, or  start a team of your own. EXODUS ROAD...the only way home for those caught in the spiral of human trafficking.
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