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Goliath was a legendary Philistine warrior defeated by young David according to the Bible.The story of Goliath represents a picture of life often minimized; that our perspecitve changes everything.

According to the story, David who would later become King of Israel was the only one who was not fearful of what had his comrades "shaking in their boots." Goliath was said to be over nine feet tall and terrified the Israelite army. When David's father sent him to the army to see how the fight was going, David was the only one willing to fight Goliath. The story says, Goliath fell when David hit him in the head with a stone and then killed him with his own sword and finally beheaded him.

David believed God would help him defeat Goliath and this perspective drove him to be fearless.

No matter how well things might go in your life, you WILL meet your Goliath at some point. It might be in a relationship, in your career, in your health or in any other aspect of your life. How you deal with your Goliath will make all the difference in what happens.

Some people take every obstacle and pessimistically see the end of their dreams or plans. They see their Goliath as being too big to fight and too powerful to overcome. They are defeated before they begin the fight because they have already lost the battle in their mind.

Others see their Goliath as being an obvious obstacle and plan how to arm themselves to either take him down or get around him. They believe in something bigger than themselves and work to remove the barriers others already have identified as too impossible to overcome.

Perspective is absolutely critical when you are trying to be successful at anything. 
Perspective makes all the difference in whether you give up or give in easily or hang on and take your chops but come out a winner in the end. 
Perspective is not just how you look at something but is also how you really interpret what you see.   

Your perspective about anything can change every outcome.

How do you react to your Goliath? 

Do you see your Goliath as being:
SO BIG you can't possibly defeat him or 
SO BIG you can't possibly miss hitting him?

In the end, your perspective about Goliath will determine whether you or "He' wins.

What's Your Goliath and How Are You Preparing To Deal With Him?

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