Tuesday, September 17, 2013


I had an amazing week last week. I completed an activity I wanted to do on my bucket list, I spent a week with several people I loved and I saw some of the most wonderful scenery our country has to offer.

What I really did was I GOT LOST.  Not exactly lost without knowing where I was, but lost without the distractions, overstimulation and constant activity of everyday life.

We are often encouraged to get up early, work as hard as we can and achieve as many goals as possible in a given time. I don't disagree with any hard work ethic, but I DO agree that we should:  

Business owners and other entrepreneurs tend to feel guilty when we are not working. We are used to having to "make a living" by being involved in our businesses and thereby constantly want to use all our available time for creating more business and completing more goals and yet I believe I actually got more done PLAYING HARD.

I played by going on long bike rides, by having lazy down time without access to the digital world, by sharing many laughs with good friends, by sitting in awe of the inspiring scenery. I played hard by having long lunches and great shopping, visiting places I have never been to, trying some activities I have never done, experiencing breathtaking moments, playing cards and games long into the night and yet waking up early and enjoying beautiful sunrises and unexpected moments of pure joy.

All of it inspired me more than anything when I was Knee Deep in work.

I know business owners who would gasp in disbelief that I chose not to check emails at times and for that matter, not to even fire up the computer or visit the mobile web. But, I did just that and I am forever glad. 

It's back to work now. Back to countless "to-do" lists and goals and dealing with all types of people and issues. Lunches will be a lot shorter, nights will end much earlier and instead of shopping or biking to the next little town, there will be traffic and meetings and endless responsibilities...UNTIL...the next time I PLAY HARD and GET LOST.

I show a lot of people how to get their dreams started but I always tell them their dreams are more do-able if they can LOSE themselves in the vision of what they want. The rest of your life is much like that. If you can't get away sometime and LOSE yourself to the world in a way far different than your daily life, you are missing the circumstances that will make you well rounded and more successful and creative.

Zac Brown had it so right in his song, Knee Deep, when he says he's gonna, "...Put the world away for a minute."(click to listen to Buffet sing.)

Maybe the reason we sometimes feel stale is because we need some fresh air, some distance away from what we are stuck on and some clarity about what blessings we already have.

"you'll never know until you try,when you lose yourself you find a key to paradise"    Zac Brown Band


Know anyone who needs to put their world away for a minute because of health issues, business stress, parenting, relationships or just life overload. Please share this post and let them HEAR the way to put their world away.

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