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Do you know what a draft horse is? They are horses with a calm and patient manner primarily used for plowing fields, logging and performing other types of labor such as pulling loads. Sometimes because of their nature they are crossbred to produce a type of riding horse. They are often known as "work horses."

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Contrary to this type of horse, the show horse is a special animal groomed to win prizes both for performance and looks. Show horses get very special treatment including having their owners use special products for their coats and even their hooves. Before a show their trailers are sprayed to minimize flies and they are fed a diet far superior to that of the draft horse.

Humans domesticated horses to do what they wanted them to do. If you have ever seen a wild horse, they spook easily when humans approach. They have a suspicious nature and while obviously free from restrictions, are left to fend pretty much for themselves regardless of the circumstances. The price they pay for freedom is at the risk of hoping their breed survive
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So if you want to be a successful horse, which would you prefer? Oh, I know what you are thinking, "I'll go for that show horse treatment anytime!" but whether you own a business or work for someone, you might want to think again.

Draft horses may be less beautiful to behold and yet they are loyal and often their duties are the ones critical for the farm or ranch to survive. Show horses have an elegant awesomeness about them but only do so after years of practice and training and wild horses demonstrate the aspect of true survival of the fitness and genuine spirit of this animal.

Firestarters are not comfortable only being ONE type of horse. They realize that anything exceptional will take effort, energy, ideas, class and steady diet of good resources. 

We are often called on to be the "glue" which holds our organization together. We might need to work harder than we imagine just to get the job done. Sometimes we feel unappreciated and overlooked as we handle the day's needs with a "whatever it takes" attitude but hard work and diligence pay off and while a draft horse will most always be a draft horse, we can know that show horse feeling when our determination and persistence afford us opportunities to enjoy the good life and to have the finer things we hope for.

AND...even though we may be at the wild horse stage seemingly with no destination or direction, it may be the best time to spark true creativity and imagination that can become stiffled at other stages.

 If you constantly feel left without direction and wild you may become frustrated and lose perspective. If you are the one who is required to pull the load, staying extra hours, making up for a lack of effort on someone else's part, performing in less than ideal situations or often without the necessary support or supplies, you become disillussioned and lose loyalty. And even if you are treated royally, there is sometimes a diminished confidence in one's ability to handle a tought situation if you have never really had to roll up your sleeves and get the job done yourself.

Your career should never make you the draft, wild or show horse indefinitely...If it does, you need to move on and find another Stable; one that allows you to WIN, PLACE and SHOW.

What kind of horse are you feeling like right now?

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