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So it's the New Year and most people have made at least some mental resolutions regarding things they want to see happen in the New Year. There are a few things people shy away from resolving; like being more awesome, creating a larger legacy, effecting major change because just telling someone that is your resolution sounds larger than life and often overwhelming.

 But let's face it. Everyone of us has a major dream or goal we would love to eventually see come to pass. Maybe it's to retire at an early age, become a household name or find our soul mate. Some dreams and goals aren't shared because the dreamer knows  telling someone what they really want to accomplish when their current situation seems anything but headed in that direction can be like taking a walk; naked... everyone has an opinion about something that is personal to you.          

But for just this moment, imagine all your ducks were in line, all your resources were in place. It was the right time and you were with the right people. There was no obvious risk and everything you needed to achieve your dream was within reach...


I'd love you to share your answers here, but if you don't, I hope you at least write it down somewhere for your personal archives and regularly assess if you are headed in the direction to reach that dream.

If you believe you will never have the resources or circumstances to make your dream come true, you are probably right, but if you are a BIG DREAMER and if you see the BIG PICTURE and not just the little pixels that make up each step, you are well on your way to  going in the direction of your dream.
Steven Spielberg
Steven Spielberg (Photo credit: rvthomas67)

Steven Spielberg was convinced he was a director, despite the fact that he had never attended any prestigious film school and actually was rejected from both UCLA and USC. He literally walked into the lot at Universal by looking like the other execs that came through. Dressed in a suit and carrying a briefcase, often filled with only candy bars or a sandwich, Spielberg found an empty office and set up shop and the rest was hi
story. Spielberg saw himself as a successful director. He believed despite his circumstances.

So how about you? How do you see yourself and what would you really do if all the stars aligned and you got your BIG SHOT?

Are You The Believer You Need To Be To Live Your Dream?

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