Monday, March 18, 2013

Down To The Wire

This is an exciting week for myself and two of my colleagues. Our conference, Called Woman Let's Do Launch is this Saturday, March 23.We are busy putting final touches on everything from the Speaker's Reception to our full day conference making sure everyone who attends gets the most bang for their buck and really comes away ready to take an idea to the next level or a product to a whole new perspective.

Like many good ideas, this conference might just have been a thought we tossed around over three years ago when my colleagues and I met at a different type of a conference, but we did not choose to simply put our ideas on the shelf and wait until all the stars aligned to begin exploring hosting a conference such as this.

No, we took our chances and hosted the first Called Woman Conference last year and now are headed into a second year of sharing great information and insight to other women who want to do the same.

That's the trouble with an idea or a passion; left without momentum it begins to whither at best or even die. How many times have you thought, "I wish I would've made that move or developed that idea, or stuck with that plan years ago?"

 How often have you left a great desire fall through your hands when you got down to the wire and were ready to launch from the starting block? Did you just give up and tell yourself, "Someday when I have more money or time or energy I will do this."? Well, did you make your passion happen when you had more money, time or energy or do you realize you will never have enough money, time or energy? Are you down to the wire of realizing a dream might simply dissolve if you don't get into your start mode and get ready for the run of your life?

We want to help you get your passion started. We want to show you how to go from just a thought to a real product. We want to take your dream and make it a viable reality. But YOU have to take the money, time and energy to SHOW UP and let us help you launch.

If it's always been a dream of yours to do something, why not decide no matter what, this time you will not let all the excuses hold you back. This time you will stop wishing and start working on that dream that you have shelved more times than you care to imagine.

It's down to the wire for the Called Woman Conference. Sign up today and pass this info along to a friend you believe could benefit from attending. Maybe this door of opportunity is opening for a reason.It's your time to walk through and see all that is on the other side of wishing, dreaming and someday.

This time next week, your chance will be over. You could be well on your way to realizing you are making your passion, happen or you can do what you always do and walk away again without ever knowing what you could have done.

I think you are so worth it, I want you to attend for FREE and if you contact me and tell me you do as well, I will tell you how. 

NOW, Do you have an excuse or do you have a passion?


The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams.

Eleanor Roosevelt

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