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Yesterday a good friend of mine shared that her week was more than overwhelming. On top of having to help one child with a project, she was trying to get a few things started to break into a new career and still manage to "make life work" by doing what she always expected of herself: taking care of the shopping, cleaning the house, kids, and of course her full time job. This meant making cookies at 3:00 a.m. for another child's school activity and then hitting the bed, 2 hours before she had to do it all over again. And she's one of the lucky ones because she has a husband who helps!
Superwoman (Kristin Wells)
Superwoman (Kristin Wells) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This scenario is played out daily in countless homes by women trying to hold down the fort at home and address the responsiblities in one career while beginning another. Women especially harbor enormous guilt when attempting to work at their place of employment and still run a household. That's two full time jobs. Throw in trying to get another career started and it's like throwing a match into a can of gasoline. 

Most people have to work at their jobs while starting their dreams and yet the juggling act of trying to work at what you want to do while continuing to do what you have to do and acting like you don't do either so your family doesn't notice anything is different is a recipe for disaster. The one who usually suffers the most is the one with the know, the one with the words, "SUPER WOMAN" on that most of us  pretend  we really WANT to wear and yet dread donning every day.

Women have a history of taking care of themselves last. We often tend to our needs so late in the game we are no longer even playing the one we started. With a growing list of activities which add to our stress and the pretension we are too busy or too necessary to get sick or need assistance.  We often sabotage our plans for success by imagining we are bionic and can fit 35 hours into a 24 hour day and smile while we do it.

It's time to take off the cape. You don't need to give up your dream but you might need to prioritze and perhaps give up your desire for an immaculate house, 5 course dinners, watching every little league game, reading the latest news, throwing a birthday party for your best friend or volunteering for another task instead of exercising, eating, sleeping, getting to the doctor, or remembering to breathe. It's not really a shame we can't do it's normal, but what woman wants to be normal?

Starting your dreams is important. It may be the best thing you ever do but if you don't shift some priorities in your life so you can get them started, you will make a grave mistake and assume you will just need to be a better juggler and put on yet another cape and start the circus all over again. Not only will this defeat your dreams from getting off the ground it could actually cause you to miss the joys you once appreciated in your life.
Juggler, Juggling, Illusion, illusionist, TRT,...
Juggler, Juggling, Illusion, illusionist, TRT, TRTÇOCUK, circus, circus eurasia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Turning any dream into a reality is work enough.It need not be added to an already enormous load. Learn to prioritize and ask for help and accept it when it is given without guilt. Houses can be cleaned anytime but sleep can't be stored up and used at a later date. Give up the notion for a healthy dinner sometime and enjoy peanut butter and jelly at the park with the kids. Skip the dog bath and get yourself a massage. Buy the cookies instead of baking them. Remember that done is sometimes preferable over perfect.

 And do yourself and  every woman you know a favor and Take Off The Cape.

What was the craziest thing you did when wearing your SUPER WOMAN CAPE?

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