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Few mothers realize when they are in the midst of raising their children what an amazing Firestarter they are. I think we become so absorbed in doing whatever we have to in order to make things work, we seldom stop and see the impact we have had on others, even those who weren't our own children.

I know mothers who have had to hold down two or more jobs to make ends meet but still are there for their children's needs. I know moms who gave up a lucrative career to devote all their energies to their children. I know mothers who not only were involved in raising their children but who also were handling the responsibility of taking care of their own parents with failing health and resources. And, I know mothers who have devoted exceptional energy to helping life be all that it can be for an exceptional child despite the drain on time, money and sometimes anything close to a normal life.

Mothers have a resume no one job desription in any single career could ever imagine to have. They must be strong in the face of sometimes unbearably difficult circumstances. They must be able to be a fair negotiator with sometimes unruly participants. A circus juggler has an easier time as mothers must be able to multi-task whether they are in the shower or trying to sleep and most definitely they must not get sick at inopportune times (ever). Mothers are required to be on call 24/7 and be willing to be paid in hugs, sloppy kisses and sometimes even pouting. Mothers must demonstrate the ultimate in love and patience to those who claim to hate her realizing somewhere in her soul she too has passed this way before.

Mothers must possess the ability to be superwoman, magicians, angels, pyschologists, and event planner, often simultaneously. 

No, it's not impossible. I know mothers who did that. My own mom rose above obstacles and often circumstances others would run from to impart a spirit and strength in each of her children to be all they could be.

No one sends that little baby home with an instruction booklet. Oh, they can give you classes on how to feed the little one or change the diaper but no one tells you what to do when you have to fix not just a broken toy, but a broken heart or worse a broken spirit. No where is there a recipe for turning out an amazing child like an amazing cake. Most things about motherhood are learned by the seat of your pants and trail and error.

Anyone blessed with a child, knows the influence you have helping them develop a sense of worth, a spirit of individuality and an energy for being their best. The impact a mother has on helping a child find personal potential and satisfaction never ends with them graduating or leaving home. Mothers have the ability to keep that sense of wonder and encourage their children to develop their fires and passions more than most realize. Regardless of how many others tell your children they are amazing or possess incredible potential, hearing that from your mother is critical to believing you can be more than you even dream.

Henry Ward Beecher said, "The mother's heart is a child's schoolroom." and Marion Garretty said, "Mother love is the fuel that enables normal people to do the impossible."

So regardless of whether biological or not, mom has the potential to be the spark that starts it all.

If you know someone today who has helped you be all you could be, say "thank-you" and if you ARE someone today who is doing that for someone else. YOU ARE THE BOMB!

What is your fondest memory of how your mom made a difference in your life?

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