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I hear it all the time and say it quite frequently, “I really want to make a difference.” This often means different things to different people.  We want to make a difference in the lives of our families, our colleagues, our churches, our communities and even in the world. Just how we do that often depends on the time, resources and energy we have available to make a commitment. Don’t assume making a difference is the hardest thing you will ever do. It may actually be one of the easiest and most definitely will be one of the most rewarding.

What does making a difference mean to you? Does it mean by your intervention, influence and/or presence you help shape someone’s future? Does it mean you contribute to a cause you are passionate about with money or time? Does it mean you rally support for issues that touch your soul? Maybe it means what you do serves to impact someone in a positive way even if it is with a kind word or positive outlook?

There is no single way to make a difference, but many many ways to be a firestarter and light the match to create the change.Each of us regardless of our education, economic status, gender, culture, age or job description have the ability to make small ripples as well as large waves of difference by the choices we make.

I made a choice to become an advocate for helping to support victims of human trafficking in ways I believed was both possible and sincere by using whatever talents God has given me to raise awareness and offer support. One of these ways is to blog for Exodus Road, an organization that goes beyond simply sharing the information about human trafficking but actually supports and mobilizes forces on the ground to help rescue those caught in the web of this horrific crime.

Recently Exodus Road was able to partner with Indian Rescue Mission and enter a locked brothel searching for evidence for prosecution and attempts to rescue minors. The 2 minute video is here.

The amazing part is that over 30 of the more than 89 girls rescued at this brothel were minors!
Can you imagine how you would feel if you were instrumental in rescuing someone from somewhere like this?

YOU CAN BE!  I blog so others can learn about the work at Exodus Road and how they can make a difference.  Perhaps you should as well. Or maybe you can share this info with someone you know and ask them to share as well.

Even if all you can do is spread the word about what they are doing at Indian Rescue Mission and Exodus Road, you ARE making a difference.

We all wonder how we can be influential in creating change and establishing a legacy. This is YOUR chance as well. Visit Exodus Road on Facebook. Like their page. See if this is the difference you were meant to make.

It was for me and no matter what you do or how you do it, it won’t matter unless you can positively affect a life because of it.

Doesn’t matter if we are butchers, bakers, candlestick makers, lawyers, barbers, mothers or grandmothers. Whatever you dream to do, dream to change a life doing something in a way you can best serve and then whatever you do, you will always be making a difference.
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