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Risky Business

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Are you a person who takes risks? 
You might never have thought of yourself  as a person who takes risks but I have and I am sure you have to.

Taking risks means different things to different people. I am not the "stand on the railroad tracks" and jump off when the train is less than 20 feet away type person and not the "Walk through the fire and believe I won't get burned" individual.

I am not even the "Sure, I'll eat it and find out later what's in it," person, or the 'I'll just stop paying my taxes and wait for them to find me" girl, but yes, I take risks; enough to be able to try something new and foreign and live to tell!

If you are afraid you may not be made of the type of material entrepreneurs need to be woven, ask yourself the following questions:

1) Have you ever accepted a marriage proposal and followed through gettin married?

2) Did you make a decision to have family?

3) Have you ever changed jobs because you were unhappy or unfulfilled at your current job?

4) Have you ever stood up for somethiing that went against the majority?

5) Have you separated from a difficult or stressful circumstance because you realized you had little other choice?

6) Do you drive a car?

7) Have you stood beside and supported someone when few others did?

8) Have you ever run for any type of leadership position?

9) Have you composed a song, drawn a picture, written a book, started a business or sold something you made?

10) Have you told the truth when a lie would've been easier and more beneficial to you?

 Then, you have indeed taken a risk!

I am sure there are even more situations that require us to take a risk daily. If you are thinking of going out on your own and turning your passion into a viable business DO NOT believe you need to be a person who takes dangerous risks to survive.

Taking risks is part of every day living. You are probably a bigger "risk taker" than you imagine.

What other responses are risks?

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